About Us

We Manage Your Site was first founded as We Manage Your Site, Inc. in Delaware. We originally focused on WordPress support and maintenance, however, soon realized this was a Red Ocean of bloody competition. We believe strongly in the Blue Ocean philosophy of value innovation and cost reduction. 

We have since pivoted to something that came as a bit of a happy accident. A close friend of one of our founders had a great idea for an app and asked us to build it. But they offered far lower rates than what we usually would charge for a big project like that. Instead, they offered us a percentage of the sales of their product. 

Since then that has blossomed into a huge success, making ten times more than we would have made just doing contract work. What’s more, it’s not a client-contractor relationship, it’s a true partnership, we often suggest and add new features that we think could help the business.

We have since replicated that, sometimes with success, sometimes not. As with every endeavor, there is a risk. But with enough research and picking the right ideas to pursue, the winners more than makeup for the losers.

So our business model is: Charge way less than competitors for building your app, and return far more value by holding your hand through out the life your company. Technology-wise at least 🙂  That does unfortunately mean we turn down most of the work requests we receive, we only work on ideas that we think can work. 

Our founders’ belief is that just doing the same thing as other companies is a recipe for mediocrity and endless struggle. Competition is for losers. Happy companies are based on secrets. Meaning proprietary technology and differentiation. We also believe that focusing on smaller markets (niches) first and aiming to be the #1 player in that market is the best way to start a company. Then expanding into adjacent markets later for growth. 

So if you have an idea you’d like to pitch to us, please get in touch. 

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