Before we look at a few websites with effective WordPress management, let’s discuss some design principles that make a website stand out from the rest. A website’s Google ranking depends on various factors such as correct keyword structuring, proper link building both to internal and external pages, informative content and more. But a good bounce rate is one of the biggest determining factors of a successful website.

5 Design Principles to Strive Towards

When it comes to your bounce rate, you need to strive towards the lowest rate. A high bounce rate means that someone lands on your home page or another page from a search result, and they don’t engage with your website for long. This usually happens because of a poorly designed website.

#1 Purpose

A successful website caters to the needs of its users. By researching your target market properly before you even start designing, you will already be one step ahead of the multitude of mediocre websites out there. What are your website visitors looking for? Information? Entertainment? Interaction with your company or only a transaction? You have to create a clear purpose for every page of your website.

#2 Communication

Unfortunately nowadays the concentration span of the average web user, is fairly low. You need to grab the attention of the potential customer/client within seconds, or they will simply click back to the Google search results page. Make sure the information you provide is written in a clear and easy to understand format. If you can get your message across in five words, don’t add an extra ten words just to try and impress the user. Stay clear from unnecessary waffling. Styling techniques such as headlines, sub headlines and bullet points can also improve readability.

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#3 Typefaces

Your font choice is another important design principle to decide upon before you start creating your website. It might be tempting to find a strange exotic decorative font to impress web users with, but functionality is much more important. A plain and simple Sans Serif font such as Arial or Verdana will boost your readability score much more. Also, don’t mix too many fonts. Maximum 3 types and 3 point sizes per page is ideal. Stick to roughly between 16px and 11px.

#4 Colors

This is one of the most crucial design elements to get right. A bad color palette will make people leave your website within seconds. Choose colors that balance and complement each other to create harmony. Another element to keep in mind, is color blindness. The most common colors to avoid is blue, yellow, red and green. Your choice of colors will also affect how easily people can read text on your website. Plus, remember that different colors evoke different emotions. And don’t underestimate the power of white space. Read this article to find out more about choosing a color scheme for your website.

#5 Images

It’s said that a picture speaks a thousand words and the power of images should not be ignored. The type of images you choose for your website, will instantly give people a sense of your brand identity. You want to connect with the right target audience. Taking the time to carefully select images for your website, can ensure that the right type of person is drawn to your brand. Using videos and infographics is also a very effective communication strategy.

Top Five Website to Inspire You

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#1 The Walt Disney Company

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The famous company was created on 16 October 1923, making it close to a century old. They’ve rolled with the punches over the years, adapting to technology changes along the way.

Mickey Mouse and co. are now household names and their success story is truly inspirational. Interestingly enough, instead of sticking to their cartoonish brightly colored image, Disney opted for a more slick design style. The site navigation is simplistic and easy to follow. It uses bold images to guide the user through the website content.

The company mission is to remain one of the world’s top leaders in the entertainment sphere and they are definitely achieving this with ease. Their highly professional website showcases their brand portfolio, services and consumer products.

#2 Chicago Sun Times

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This is the oldest published daily newspaper of Chicago. The first newspaper was printed in 1948 and they’ve been going nonstop since then. Running for more than 50 years, they’ve gathered eight Pulitzer Prizes along the way.

Transitioning from paper layout to a digital format can be tricky, but this newspaper made the transition seamless by sticking to simplicity. A solid site framework is required to handle the ever-changing news stories constantly flooding in. Their content ranges from in-depth political reports and investigative features, to sports analysis and entertainment reviews.

The newspaper decided to stick to a basic template, with easy navigation and concise content. There’s no unnecessary images and effects. Instead the usage of bold headings guides your eyes through the content.

#3 Katy Perry

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She stepped onto the pop rock scene in 2008 after switching from gospel music to secular, and soon rose to fame with hits such as “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot ‘n Cold”.

Her official website uses bold photos to promote her personal brand. The high quality photos don’t need much written explanation and are simply accompanied by short headlines. The top menu options mirror the scrolling images and remain visible as you scroll through the content.

Even though it’s a relatively simplistic website, the artist’s personal bubblegum pop image still shines through the intentional choice of images. The site also steers clear from the cliché band sites using too many gimmicks such as nonstop music. It puts the user in charge of what they want to see or hear.

#4 Da Ink

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Drew Apicture, an Australian tattooist, has been tattooing professionally for 6 years now, after starting his apprenticeship 9 years ago. His unique style of high contrast black and grey pieces are highly popular, with clients travelling from across the globe to Da Ink.

When epic images is your bread and butter, you want to invest in a high-quality website to sell your craft. And Da Ink has definitely succeeded in doing this. The site navigation is easy to follow with interactive images being the main focus. A unique element of the website, is that the color scheme mimics the tattoo style that Drew is most famous for. Most websites stick to white backgrounds and going dark (when executed properly) instantly makes a website stand out more.

The high resolution photo galleries and endless scrolling images with animated menus are perfect for showcasing tattoos in an effective and unique way.

#5 The Ink Tank

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Kao Collins is currently one of the world’s leading ink suppliers. Established in 1989, the one-man operation started out by supplying ink to the Kodak continuous inkjet printer.

Maybe you don’t think about ink much, but as soon as your printer runs out of it, you’ll realize the importance of it. The Ink Tank managed to take a seemingly boring topic and turn it into something more creative by designing an eye-catching website. Not only does it offer you product information, you can see some of the creative ways artists and businesses are using ink.

Make sure you click on the Interactive Ink Pad page for a bit of infographic creation inspiration.

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