What should be on your homepage? The homepage, also called the landing page of your website, can be compared to a first impression when meeting someone. Although we can make the wrong conclusions about someone from a first impression, it’s still normal to draw the instant conclusions. By using WordPress customization tools you can create the best possible first impression.

You’ve got roughly five seconds to impress people with the look of your homepage. A large chunk of potential customers will land on your website via a Google search. If they don’t like what they see or read, they will just click back to the search results page and check out the next website on the list. You want to grab the person’s attention as soon as possible to convert them into a customer or client.

10 Items Your Homepage Must Have

Your homepage is most likely the most important page you will create for your website. Use this checklist to make sure that your homepage is attention grabbing. Read our post What Pages Should a Website Have? for a full list of other important website pages.

 #1 Focus on Strong Corporate Identity

People associate logos and brand colors with companies. You want people to see your company name and immediately recall your logo or tagline. Be consistent with your color schemes across all marketing mediums, from your business cards and flyers to your video promotions. By using WordPress customization tools you can break free from a template set in stone and personalize your homepage to accurately represent your brand. Pick images that represent who you are. Is your corporate identity young and funky or more mature and old-fashioned? People make instant associations with images, choose wisely.

#2 Create a Catchy Headline

This could be your company tagline or a question that will draw people in. Again, you have roughly five seconds to engage your potential client, so choose your words carefully. When someone lands on your website they are basically asking the question “why should I pick your company?” Everything on your homepage should answer that underlying question. Read this article to learn how to create a strong headline.

#3 Easy To Follow Navigation

The most irritating thing, is landing on a website’s homepage and you can’t figure out how to navigate to other pages. This is another great function of WordPress customization tools, you can create navigational features that you feel comfortable with. If a potential customer starts feeling irritated with your website, they will immediately click back and try another search result. The navigation needs to be simple and easy to spot. Rather make the menu buttons more prominent on the homepage, than taking the risk of losing a potential client.

#4 Short Overview of Your Company

You can elaborate more on your “About Us” page, but your homepage needs a brief introductory statement of who you are and what your company has to offer. The emphasis is on short. Next to irritation, boredom is another reason why people will click away from your website. Also, you need to keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind when formulating text for your website. WordPress customization tools offer you easy to use plug-ins that can help determine your SEO page rating.

WordPress customization tools

#5 Social Media Icons

As a business owner, you can’t ignore the power of social media. A lot of people will click through to your Facebook page to learn more about your company before they decide to do business with you. Other interfaces such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest are all crucial to promote your company. Just make sure that these links open in new tabs to not redirect people away from your website.

#6 Call to Action

What do you want people to do once they’ve decided to do business with you? Sign up for a free trial? Order your service or product? You want the call to action to be clear after people have read through your company overview or watched your promotional video. Make it as easy as possible and easy to spot on the homepage as well. When using WordPress customization tools, you can create a special form where people register using their Facebook account, instead of having to type in all their details. One look at a complicated registration form and a potential client may change their mind and click back to the search results to try out your competitor.

#7 Contact Us

If your business does not offer a free trail or requires more detailed information from a potential client, use a clear navigation tool to your “Contact Us” page where you can include an emailer form to capture more personal details. Just remember to keep it to the bare minimum of information you require. You can even include a simple navigation button to open up an email form straight from the homepage. With WordPress customization tools, the sky is the limit, you can add the features most suitable for your specific needs.

WordPress customization tools

#8 Email Opt-In Form

This can be a more direct option than redirecting people to your “Contact Us” page. Lots of websites use pop-up windows to capture client details. Just be careful with this feature, it can annoy your client and they might just close the window without even reading the request. Use smart WordPress customization tools to create less intrusive methods of gathering client information.

#9 List Your Phone Number

You need to cover all your bases of how people will try to contact you. Some people might use Google to look for products or services, but they still want to talk to a person before deciding to buy a product or use a service. List your telephone number very visibly on your homepage. Ensure that you are using the right format that Smart Phones can pick up the phone number to instantly connect the potential client with your company. Statistics show that more and more people are using phones rather than PC’s to access the internet. Read this article to view the 2017 mobile marketing statistics.

#10 Google Analytics

This element is more a behind the scenes feature, but it’s crucial to active Google Analytics on your website.  You want to gather information to see how successful your website design is. How many visitors land on your homepage, what’s your bounce rate, how much web traffic is new users and how many are return users. Your website is a marketing campaign just like any other marketing method you use to promote your company. And you need to constantly check if your website is performing well.

Using WordPress customization Tools:
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