Answering the question of why WordPress is the best CMS platform for business owners is one that is easily done by diving into the reasons why it’s loved by millions across the globe!

However, there is so more to this platform than just that…

In this article, we explore what WordPress is, what makes it different, what a good (and bad) website looks like and why we use it for our clients — and why you should too— to create the best looking website this side of the internet!


What is WordPress?


WordPress is an open source website creation tool or CMS (content management system) that was first released by co-founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little way back on May 27, 2003.

It was initially created purely as a blogging platform, but has since grown to encompass many of the other content facets websites of today require such as media galleries, mailing lists, e-commerce stores, membership sites and more.

All of this is accomplished with the use of plugins and choosing a website template — known as a WordPress Theme — where users can look to fully customize look and feel of their site based on their business’ needs.

Today, WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites around the world, with some of the most notable brands using the platform being:

  1. Time
  2. TechCrunch
  3. Fortune Magazine
  4. Wired
  5. Beyoncé


How Much Does WordPress Cost?


There are tons of platforms available today to build a website from scratch and many using the tagline “build your own website for free”.

But, there is usually a catch to this!

For most of these platforms you have to pay a monthly fee to get rid of the website piggybacking on your site with annoying branding to promote their service.

WordPress is different in that it is open source software. This means it was created by various contributors and it operates under the GPL licensing code.

It really is completely free to use and build a website on.


Are WordPress Plugins Free?


For the sake of transparency, it is important to note that whilst the vast majority of WordPress plugins used to build your website are free, there are paid plugins or paid versions of the free plugins that offer full support staff, added features and regular updates.

This is pretty standard across most CMS platforms and plugin developers need to make some money somewhere, somehow, but it’s still a much better alternative than paying a monthly fee just to use the platform.


Why You Should Use WordPress


When it comes to a company website, business owners often fall into one of the following three categories:

  1. You know you should have a website, but you just don’t have the time or the budget to make it happen.
  2. You have a website that you tried making on on your own, but doesn’t look nearly as nice as your competitors’.
  3. The previous website development agency you used didn’t deliver, and now you’re stuck with a “Frankenstein” of a website and nowhere to turn.

If you fall into anyone of these categories, chances are you just haven’t spoken to the right people (and you’re not using WordPress…yet!)

Website development agencies worth their sauce should have a team of marketing strategists.

WordPress developers

These are the people that take on the heavy lifting of strategising a site that delivers on what your brand stands for, is customer centric and has the ability to work for you (not make more work for you).

This can easily be discovered on an exploratory call where the ins and outs of your business can be discussed.

This includes things such as your target audience or buyer persona, what elements your website would need to provide value to them and how it can become profitable.

In the right hands, the WordPress content management system is very versatile and customizable.

Gone are the days of websites being flat information carriers (see an example of bad website design below)!

To succeed in today’s marketplace your website needs to be as dynamic as possible with interactive elements to keep your potential customers hooked to their screens.

Luckily, with WordPress there are thousands of predesigned themes that you can pick from, or you could use a theme as a starting point and customize it to suite your specific needs.


Have Your WordPress Website Your Way


If you like having control over what goes onto your website, the great thing about a WordPress website is that you could manage certain aspects of it on your own.

Once the basic framework of the website has been created you will be able to add new info on your own.

The sky really is the limit as there are plugins for every unique feature you can think of with new ones being created on an almost daily basis.

Your website can have static content pages as well as an active blog and all of it can be conveniently set up in the WordPress backend through themes and plugins.

The WordPress designs are also mobile-friendly.

We live in a mobile first world and having a responsive site is a crucial factor in keeping your customers and prospects happy on the devices they’re using today!

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Example of Bad Website Design


Why WordPress is The Best

Don’t just listen to people trying to convince you “it’s just a website”, your website is your brand’s ambassador.

Would you like a brand ambassador in a dirty t-shirt and torn jeans or one in an Armani suit interacting with your potential customers?

It might sound ridiculous to you, but that’s how important websites have become nowadays.

WordPress has now been around for more than ten years and it’s constantly being refined and enhanced to stay up to date with the latest online technology changes and trends.

It’s a world-class web publishing system that is extremely user-friendly (unlike the example above).


Example of Good Website Design


Why WordPress is The Best


How Can We Help You?


By using a professional company that is dedicated to using the full functionality of the WordPress website management system, you will have the necessary team to create an effective marketing tool for your company that actually makes you money (and helps people find you organically online).

A more search engine friendly website starts with WordPress SEO (search engine optimization).

For this we use the Yoast SEO plugin and our WordPress developers are constantly making sure that they are using the latest SEO techniques to make sure your website is on the first page of Google’s search results.

On the design side we help create anything you want and nothing is set in stone. With the freedom of WordPress customization, you can truly create a unique website to express your specific company flavor to the world.

Our WordPress developers are WordPress experts and we make it our business to stay on top of the latest WordPress customization trends.

Sure, you could try to build your own website, but do you really want to take the risk of creating something mediocre because of a lack of technical skills?

Same as with real-life first impressions, people will decide if they like your company in less than 30 seconds from landing on your website homepage.

The technical term for this is called the bounce rate which Google calculates by how long people spend on your website before moving on to another site.

This will influence how well your site ranks when people search for keywords or terms in your niche.

Good thing is we know how to design a website that will grab the attention of your customers, using all the tricks that WordPress has to offer.

Our clients get full 24/7 WordPress support where they can tell our team exactly what they want and let us do the hard work.

We want you involved every step of the way and with your input we will be able to create a website that represents your company in the best possible way!

Ready for to take your website to the next level?

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