If you’re asking yourself the question “Why use WordPress?” for building a new website then you’ve come to the right place.

With the world we’re living in today, it has become imperative for small businesses and “work from home” outfits to take their business online.

Where in the past it used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to create the perfect web presence for your organization, today, WordPress makes it so the process can be completed at next to no cost.

Still not convinced WordPress is right for your business?

In this article, our team shares with you 15 “Why Use WordPress?” justifications!


1. Cost


There is perhaps no why use WordPress justification more powerful than cost. You’d think that with all of the incredible value WordPress brings to millions of businesses, WordPress would charge a steep price.

After all, even if WordPress charged a few thousand dollars, that would likely represent big-time savings over hiring a development firm to build you the perfect website by hand.

That’s why many business owners are shocked when they hear that WordPress is 100% free to use.

That’s right! To use WordPress’ core, the company asks for absolutely nothing in return.

That by itself is reason enough for your business to try it out!


2. Adoption


WordPress powers 30% of all websites that exist online. That means that millions upon millions of business owners, bloggers, and even fortune-500 companies have found that the WordPress platform suits their needs.

If millions of people have found justification to their why use WordPress questions, chances are you will too!


3. Ease of Use


Web development alienates a lot of people.

The idea of understanding the ins and outs of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have kept the prospect of building websites in the hands of a select few for many years.

With WordPress, all of the complexities that exist around building your site become extraordinarily simple. For all of the platform’s necessary functions, you won’t have to touch a scrap of code to do whatever it is that you need to to keep your website up to date and looking good.

That ease of use enables even the least tech-savvy of people to be able to confidently take control of their basic online business needs.

And for the more robust features that WordPress offers, you can always seek help from qualified development teams who can help you maximize your experience on the platform!


4. Plugins


WordPress’ core functions are impressive. But let’s face it, your business has unique needs. Because of that, the odds that WordPress’ core is going to perfectly suit every business owner is slim to nill…

Therein lies the value of plugins!

Plugins are extensions that you can add to your WordPress site. Some are created by the creators of WordPress and most are created by 3rd party developers.

Plugins are awesome because they allow you to add whatever features to WordPress that your business needs to operate at its best.

For example, do you want to integrate a mailing list provider like MailChimp into your site with a couple of clicks? There’s a plugin for that.

Do you want users to be able to comment on your blog posts using their social media profiles? There’s a plugin for that too.

Basically, anything you need out of your WordPress site, you can achieve with the help of the right plugin!


5. Search Engine Optimization


The world finds what they’re looking for online by using search engines. Google alone fields over 5 billion searches per day.

That’s why it’s important that search engines can understand your site’s content and can properly rank your content for the right keywords.

Optimizing your content for search engines can take years of expertise. With WordPress however, the platform exclusive plugin “Yoast SEO” makes all of your search engine optimization efforts as easy as clicking a couple of buttons and providing basic information!


6. Mobile Friendly


More people are browsing the web than ever using their mobile devices. If your website isn’t 100% mobile friendly, not only are you losing customers but your search engine ranking is taking a massive hit.

With WordPress, the templates the content management system utilizes are mobile friendly. So no matter which quality template you go with, you can be sure that your website will look good on any device your customers are using!


7. Security


IBM estimates that the average business loses about 3.9 billion dollars when they suffer from a data breach. That reality makes it imperative that your website is handling sensitive information in a way that protects customers from having their information stolen.

WordPress is powered by an incredible development team that releases security patches regularly. It also offers a host of excellent security plugins you can install to your site to further bolster your protection.

Bottom line, you can feel safe when your website is in WordPress’ hands.


8. Online Resources


If you’re curious about how a feature works with WordPress, all you have to do is conduct a quick Google search to find someone who’s ready to give you the answers you need.

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system in the world. That popularity means that there are tons of outstanding resources available online to help you work through any problems you may experience.


9. Heavyweight Backing


Did you know that big companies like Adobe and The New York Times get powered by WordPress?

It’s true!

With that kind of heavyweight backing, you can feel safe knowing that the platform is here to stay.


10. Regular Updates


Updates are one of the most important “why use WordPress” justifications that should help push you towards the platform.

Not only does the platform get regular security patches (as we mentioned previously) but it also gets regular interface improvements, optimization fixes, and a number of other tweaks that help your website stay ahead of the curve as the internet evolves!

WordPress isn’t just the perfect platform for today. It’s the perfect platform for tomorrow and beyond!


11. eCommerce Integration


If you’re looking for the perfect platform to power your online store, WordPress is the way to go.



WooCommerce is one of the most robust and popular eCommerce engines on the face of the planet. Given that it’s built by the same company that created WordPress, WooCommerce and WordPress work wonderfully together!

In our opinion, there is not an easier, more scalable and elegant way to start selling products through your website than by using WordPress and Woocomerce!


12. Host Agnostic


WordPress isn’t a content management system that belongs to any one online host. It’s not like Wix or other website builders where you need to pay for hosting packages with the website builder in order to use their technology.

WordPress is platform agnostic. It comes with no strings attached.


13. Open Source


WordPress is an open source content management system which means that it’s not proprietary by nature. The WordPress project is one that’s contributed to by people from all across the planet.

That makes the platform stronger and means that you can expect its core to stay free forever!


14. Millions of Templates


Even the least tech-savvy of people can understand when a website looks really good or when it looks really bad.

With WordPress, there are literally millions of incredible looking website templates you can purchase and install that can make your business’ site look like a million dollar brands!

Don’t want to buy WordPress templates? That’s fine.

WordPress comes with some minimalist stock templates you can use to start building your site. When you’re ready to take your web experience to the next level, you can easily change your site’s template to one that’s more robust and in line with your customer’s expectations.


15. High-Quality Management Solutions


The world wide web is cut throat. By some estimates, there are as many as 1.9 billion websites online all competing for the attention of a digital population that amounts to about 4.1 billion.

In order to stand out, you need your website to get maintained in a way that it’s always providing maximum value to consumers.

That’s why companies like ours at “We Manage Your Site” offer cutting edge WordPress management services that allow you to get everything you want out of your WordPress site without pulling your focus away from other important aspects of your business.


Why Use WordPress: Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a WordPress Site


From its unbeatable price to its outstanding rate of adoption, there is no shortage of outstanding why use WordPress justifications!

Do you want to get your WordPress site off the ground quickly and easily? Do you want to start selling your products online immediately through WordPress and WooCommerce?

If so, let us give you a hand.

Our Team at We Manage Your Site does everything from content edits to website backups and beyond for your small business. That way you can get all of the value out of your web presence with none of the effort.

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