The WordPress 4.9 version was named in honor of the legendary jazz musician, Billy Tipton. It was released on November 14th, 2017. The new features added will streamline your design workflow and prevent unwanted coding errors.

The customizer workflow is a great way to improve collaboration interaction between content creators. A few of the features include scheduling, design drafts, locking and preview links.  The error checking and code syntax highlighting creates a streamlined site building experience. Plus, a new Gallery widget was added, as well as theme browsing and switching improvements.

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Customizer Workflow Improvements

WordPress 4.9

Draft and Schedule Site Design Customizations

You can now change your website’s design, the same way that you draft and tweak posts, plus schedule when you want the changes to go live.

Collaboration with Design Preview Links

It’s always nice to get a bit of feedback from your colleagues or customers when you make changes to your website. This new version includes the option to create a preview link that you can forward to people for input on your ideas. Collect the feedback and integrate suggestions before you implement the changes live.

Guard Your Changes with Design Locking

Do you have more than one designer working on your website? With this feature the one can’t override the other without notification. It’s a great way to ensure that your hard work doesn’t get deleted accidentally. The feature works the same way as post locking.

Easily Protect Your Changes

Have you ever gotten distracted before you’ve saved your latest draft? This feature will prompt you to save any unsaved changes.

Coding Enhancements

WordPress 4.9

Error Checking and Syntax Highlighting

Sometimes there is a display error that you just can’t figure out by staring at the CSS for hours. This WordPress 4.9 feature builds on the Custom HTML widget introduced in version 4.8.1. You can now pinpoint your coding errors much quicker. With this feature you can effortlessly scan through your code and fix errors that pop up.

Sandbox for Safety

Have you ever faced the dreaded white screen of death? This horrible glitch can now be prevented by a warning before you save an error while working on a theme or plugin code.

Editing Warning

You might like living on the wild side and edit plugins and themes directly, but WordPress 4.9 will gently warn you that this a dangerous idea. The system will recommend that you create a draft and first test the changes before making an official update.

More Widget Updates in WordPress 4.9

WordPress 4.9

New Gallery Widget

This new update improves even more on the changes found in version 4.8. Now you can add a whole gallery via the widget.

Add Media with Just the Press of a Button

You can now effortlessly add media to a text widget. Directly embed images, audio and video next to the text inside the widget. Do this smoothly with the Add Media button.

Site Building Enhancements

WordPress 4.9

Reliable Theme Switches

When switching between themes, widgets oftentimes have the knack of mysteriously moving around as if of their own accord. The WordPress 4.9 version offers more stable menu transitions and the widget placement remains consistent after you implement changes.

Preview and Find the Perfect Theme

In WordPress 4.9 you can now browse new themes within the Customizer. Preview more than 2 600 themes before implementing changes on your site. Also, the search filters can help you narrow down the options to specific layout, features and subject criteria.

Better Menu Instructions Creates Less Confusion

The steps to create a new menu used to be very confusing to follow. An improved UX now streamlines the menu building process. The latest version offers a more systematically approach.

Happiness for Developers

Customizer JS API Enhancements

The Customizer JS API was improved substantially, with many of the frustration points eliminated. For instance, there is now default parameters for constructs. Other changes include a date/time control, new base control templates and section/panel/global notifications. Click here for the full list of changes.

CodeMirror Available in Plugins and Themes

This new code editing library is now available within the WordPress core. It allows you to do error checking, syntax highlighting and validation while you are creating code. You can also use it while editing in your plugins for tasks such as CSS or JavaScript editing.

Upgrade to MediaElement.js 4.2.6

The latest upgrade improves accessibility, removes dependencies on jQuery and modernizes the UI. A few other general bugs were also fixed.

Capabilities and Roles Enhancements

The WordPress 4.9 version includes a few new capabilities that allows granular management of plugins and translation files. The site switching process for multi-site websites was also fine-tuned. The capabilities and available roles now function in a more coherent and consistent way.

The WordPress 4.9 Squad

A total of 443 contributors worked on this new release, 185 of them first time contributors. The WordPress 4.9 release was overseen by Weston Ruter and Mel Choyce.

How We Manage Your Site Utilizes WordPress

Our WordPress developers are excited to test drive this new version. It’s such a dynamic system and the design possibilities are almost endless. If you are planning on building a new website for your company, let our experts take a look at your planning and give you some input.

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