There are a few basic pages that every website needs to be successful, regardless of the type of business or service offered. When you start your WordPress website management with a proper foundation, your website will soon start functioning as an independent marketing tool for your business.

The most important thing to remember with WordPress website management is that you need to set aside time to properly plan your website, defining its purpose. You want your website to be a professional representation of your corporate identity.

The 4 Most Important Pages on Your Website

The following four pages form the cornerstone of a successful website. If you plan to systematically build up your website, make sure you at least include these pages as minimum requirement.

The Home Page

This is one of the most crucial pages to get right. Some people also call it the landing page and this is where you offer your best sales pitch to grab the attention of your potential customer. Your WordPress website management team will mention “bounce rate” when you start designing your website with a professional web developer.

You want your bounce rate as low as possible, meaning you want to get people hooked in to keep reading and clicking to other pages on your website from your home page.

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The About Us Page

This another very important page. Oftentimes, people will land on your home page and this will be the first page they visit afterwards. There’s a marketing principle that says “people do business with people” and even in the online world, the principle still rings true.

While planning your WordPress website management, you need to pay special attention to this page. What do you want people to think of when they hear your business name? You can include a bit of background about your business, details about your staff and significant accomplishments.

You can also mention accreditation to verify the validity of your business in its industry. Include trade associations, certifications and awards. You can directly list your contact details on this page, or to keep the flow of your WordPress website management, add a link to the Contact Us page.

The Contact Us Page

Some people will land on your home page, like what they hear about your business and go straight to this page. During your WordPress website management strategy session, it’s crucial to decide upon a very clear-cut format for this page. You can include a form to capture important client information as part of your database, so decide carefully what you want to learn about your potential customers.

Other people might prefer to send you an email directly from their email server, so to cover all your bases also add your contact email separately. Nowadays a large number of people browse the internet via their smartphone, make sure you include your contact numbers in the correct format so that phones can pick it up and directly connect your potential customers with you.

Your contact details can be repeated on every page of your website, during your WordPress website management strategy session decide on the best space to incorporate it into your page design. Some page designs add it on the side, while others prefer to list it at the top or bottom.

List of information to include:

  • physical address
  • mailing address
  • telephone number
  • fax number
  • emergency contact number
  • email

Tip: Add a search function on your website as an extra navigation tool.

The Blog Page

A blog is a great way to keep your customers informed about what your business is up to, and it also keeps Google happy. Your WordPress website management team will encourage you to create a blog and keep it up to date because Google wants to see that your website is not just stagnant info, but that it’s a dynamic information platform.

You can decide to manage the blog content yourself, but it is advised to employ a professional blogger to create the content for you. It’s not just about telling stories, it’s about a finely planned strategy to incorporate important keyword search phrases.

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The Next Phase of Pages

After you’ve created the basic structure of your website, use these pages to flesh it out some more.

The Products or Services Page

Think of it this way, you are telling a story to your potential customer and you want to guide them through the story step by step, so that they don’t miss any important information about your business. Depending on how many products or services you have, it might be necessary to include multiple pages under the intro page of the products or services.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

You can save lots of time by creating this page as part of your initial WordPress website management strategy. Take time to think of all the things a potential customer should know about your product or service. This is another page that has potential for dynamic content, add new questions as they pop up. Google likes to see that your website is an ever-evolving information source.

Extra Pages to Consider

The above mentioned is the bare minimum of pages you can add to get your website going. The following are a few options to consider that will enhance your WordPress website management strategy.

Pricing Page

A debatable page, some businesses prefer to keep their pricing a secret because not only can your potential customers view this page, but your competition as well. But sometimes a potential customer will become annoyed if they can’t find any prices and simply move to the next search result.

Adding this page will depend on your unique business model. If you don’t want to be specific, a price range, for instance “$50 – $100 per room” can be an option to convince a potential customer to contact you.

Order or Quote Page

You don’t have to set up a complete ecommerce function on your website for this page to work. It could be set up as a quote query or order request as well. When someone lands on your website, you want to offer them an easy way to get hold of you. Plus, you want to capture as much personal information about the person as well.  An order or quote page can be seen as an extension of your Contact Us page.

Events Calendar Page

This type of page will depend your industry. If you offer special workshops or promotions, it’s a great way to keep your customers informed. You could also add the function of creating an event reminder on a smartphone directly from the website.

Testimonials or Product Reviews

One of the main purposes of your website, will be to convince a potential customers to trust you. Including testimonials of happy customers will increase your credibility. You could add these on a separate page or at the bottom of your other pages.

People also love seeing before and after transformations. If your product or service lends itself to this kind of visual sales pitch, make sure to include it. Good content is crucial on a website, but visuals are even more important. In your initial WordPress website management strategy session, make sure you collect both good content and informative images for the various pages.

Portfolio or Projects Page

A great way to show off your business expertise. If you’ve been involved in noteworthy projects in your industry, you can brag about it here. Depending on your industry, this page could help to convince a potential customer to choose your product or service.

Your website is your virtual business ambassador, you need to add as much info as possible to help the potential customer make an informed decision whether they want to buy your product or make use of your services. To keep your WordPress website management flowing effectively, add a direct link to the Contact Us or Order page from here.

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Technical Information to Include

From a legal perspective, you need to include all the information to safeguard yourself and the customers. These can be added onto one page, or as separate pages.

Information to include:

  • product or service guarantees
  • privacy policy details
  • disclaimers
  • terms and conditions
  • terms of service

Finding a WordPress Website Management Team

Creating a good WordPress website takes a lot of time and dedication. First you have to plan well and thereafter you have to manage well. At We Manage Your Site we are passionate about creating effective websites to help put our clients on the map of search engine results.

Sure, you could try create your own website, but we would not advise that. Let us help you to build a website that will be a worthy virtual ambassador for your business.

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