You’ve created awesome content on your website, but now you are unsure how to spread the word about it. Google Analytics love it when you share content that adds value and the more you share it, the more the Googlebots will pay attention to your website and your Google ranking will improve.

Before we look at the best websites to share your content to, let’s take one step back and explore a few elements that need to be in place to create outstanding articles.

How to Create Engaging Content

There are actually three simple questions to answer when you are creating content:

  • Is the information engaging and interesting?
  • Will it help drive more users to your website?
  • Can you convert browsers into paying customers from it?

WP Curve has created an extensive content checklist, below a few of the main elements highlighted.

Build Relationship

Your content needs to stand out. You want to build a relationship with people through your writing, not just get all the technical points right. Aim for content with a clear intention, which shows your authority on the subject you are discussing. See your content as a product that you are offering people, aiming for high quality.

Create a Catchy Headline

Stats show that up to 80% of people will read your headline, but only as little as 20% will click through to read the whole article. Your headline needs to be like a magnet, drawing people in. Test a few different headlines on friends, family or colleagues. Observe which headlines get the best reactions.

Don’t Forget To Add Sub-Headlines

Equally important to a catchy headline, sub-headlines help people to navigate through your content. Not everyone will read your article word for word, oftentimes people simply skim over the content and pause at the elements most useful to them.

Create a Strong Introduction

Step one, grab the reader’s attention with your headline. Step two, add information in your introduction paragraph that will draw them into the rest of the article. People’s attention spans are short and their time limited. You need to provide them with a really good reason why they should pause and take time to read your article.

Add Persuasive Elements

What do you want people to do after they’ve finished reading your article? Simply share it on social media? Or respond to the call to action you added? Your content needs to convince people that they need to take the next step you are suggesting.

Find Your Voice

Your writing style will either inspire people or alienate them. Find a way to balance a professional and personal tone in your articles. Aim at creating an emotional atmosphere in your articles. You can use your unique style to set you apart for the competition in your industry.

End on a Strong Note

The way you end your article, is just as important as the way you start it. You need to end with a bang, inspire people to take the action that you added in your content. Don’t leave them hanging, wondering what exactly you were trying to say.

How to Spread the Word

Once you’ve created content that you are excited about, it’s time to start adding it onto platforms where people can find it and wait for the sharing spree to start.

#1 Use Your Email List

Once you’ve gained the trust of users landing on your website, they will willing offer you their email address. This precious piece of information is how you can build a relationship with your customers. But only email when needed and only send through information relevant to your subscribers.

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#2 Share on Facebook

People might not visit your website every day, but they most likely browse through their Facebook newsfeed every day. By activating an ad campaign, you can boost a popular article even more. Create a strong description so that people will want to click through to your article and share it. Read this article to learn how to create an effective Facebook campaign

#3 Twitter

You get the Facebook fans, and then you get the Twitter fans. With the character limit in place, it is a bit more challenging to entice people to click on your article link. But once you gain a good reputation on Twitter, your followers will be eager to read new content you tweet about. Read this article for tips to write effective Twitter ad copy.

#4 Instagram

For those people more visually inclined, the following two platforms will work. This platform is more popular with a younger demographic group. Create a striking image to accompany your article link. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so you can instantly give people an idea of your content message. Read this article to find out how to successfully promote your blog on Instagram.

#5 Pinterest

The Pinterest fanatics can be targeted in a similar way as the Instagram fans. Again, the big trick is to select an image that will effectively inform people of what they can expect when clicking on the article link. Read this article to find out how to successfully promote your blog on Pinterest.

#6 LinkedIn

Firstly, you can promote your content to your direct connections. But you can also use LinkedIn Groups for more targeted exposure beyond your usual reach on the platform. Pick the groups that will benefit most from reading your article’s content. And promote sparingly, spamming on this site will hurt your brand. Read this article to find out how to successfully promote your content on LinkedIn.

#7 Google+  

Each social media platform reaches a unique group of web users. There might be a bit of an overlap on a few platforms, but sometimes a certain type of user will prefer one over another. Pick the best Google+ communities that will enjoy your content. Remember, you want to add value to people’s browsing time on the internet, not simply spam them with promotional material about your brand. Read this article to find out how to successfully promote your content on Google+.

#8 StumbleUpon

This social network allows its users to browse randomly selected web pages. Once your post becomes more popular, according to the rating linked to it, the random search rotation will increase. This is a great way to build credibility online and to increase your general readership. Read this article to find out how to increase your traffic with StumbleUpon.

#9 BlogEngage

This website covers a wide variety of topics – from art and entertainment, to health and technology. Chances are, you will be able to find a few relevant categories to promote your brand. This is a great platform to reach new readers, eager to follow informative blogs. Read this article to find out how to increase your traffic by using BlogEngage.

#10 Reddit

The Redditors are a passionate bunch of people. There are various sub-forums, covering a variety of niche topics. But you need to make sure you only post high-quality and targeted content or the Redditors will quickly give you a piece of their mind if they feel that you are using marketing talk on them. This site is very popular, so if you can gain the respect of the Redditors, you will gain a big loyal following. Read this article to find out how to increase your traffic by using Reddit.

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