There’s always a new gimmick to try and grab a potential client’s attention as they land on your homepage. And a slider with an embedded video is part of the latest craze. WordPress developers are not convinced that this trend should be embraced so eagerly.

Why You Should Stay Away From a Video Background

The biggest problem with a moving background, is that it is very distracting. Sure, people are more drawn to visuals than just words. But adding a video into the background without giving people the option to play or pause it, is not ideal.

Web agencies are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to spice up websites. They will try to convince their clients that a website is not complete without incorporating all the newest glitzy technology available. But just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it is effective.

On the more practical side, a video background will make your website load slower. If your potential client has a slow internet connection, they will probably click away before the cute video has finished uploading. Some people might also be super paranoid about their data usage and when they see a video they can’t stop, they will click right back to the search results page.

More Reasons Why Video Backgrounds Are Not Ideal

The problem with a distracting video background, is that people’s focus will remain fixated on it. Your main message or call-to-action will fall by the way side. If you insist on using a video background, you need to create a high quality product. You could use a generic video sourced from a video website supplier but this could detract greatly from your corporate image. Remember, your website is your brand ambassador and people judge visuals much more harshly than words.

In general people don’t like it when a video starts playing without the option to pause it. This will be even more annoying if you decide to use a video with audio. For a few specific industries a video background can add value. You need to properly research whether it is applicable for your company before assuming it will enhance the quality of your website.

You need to also take into consideration that more and more people are using their mobile devices to browse the internet. And data on your phone is like precious gold you don’t want to waste. If a potential client sees a strange video playing in the background and they don’t have unlimited data, they will instantly press the back button.  The display between desktop and mobile can also affect how people view your video. When you design for mobile view, you have to keep minimalism and loading speed in mind.

Video Background

A Video Background Might Look Pretty but It Is a Bad Idea

With video quality, you run into a catch22. A low quality video looks crappy, but will load faster. A high quality video will look pretty, but it loads too slowly. Neither option is ideal. Both qualities will hurt your corporate image in the end.

Just because it’s a trend other people are following, it doesn’t mean you have to jump on the bandwagon as well. If the video serves a purpose, then add it to your website. But it is advisable to rather embed it as a normal video and give people the option to play it themselves if they want to view it.

You need to look at your website from a holistic perspective. Ask yourself the question whether a video background will be adding value to the purpose of your website. Just because it looks fancy, doesn’t mean that it is a useful feature to incorporate in the website design.

The purpose of a video is to portray a message visually instead of in written form. So in general a video can be a great alternative tool to catch the attention of a potential client. But it’s best to leave the power in the hands of the user whether they want to view the video or not.

Video backgrounds generally use the auto-play function. And even though it might be a silent video, people mostly associate a video with sound, so some users will automatically click away from the website if they suspect it has sound and they find themselves in a quiet environment.

Video Background

Technical Challenges with Video Backgrounds

The quality conundrum is definitely at the top of the list, together with the auto-play hassle. But another challenge to keep in mind, is the uploading of the video. You will most likely have to use a service such as YouTube or Vimeo for it to play effectively.

From the design perspective, switching between a desktop and mobile view is the other big issue to resolve. Also, your website may display differently depending on the browser used and the specific user settings in the browser. Some people install plug-ins that block auto-play videos. All in all, it seems like a very risky endeavor to consider using a video background.

We Manage Your Site Sticks to Good Web Design Rules

Our WordPress developers investigate every new web design trend carefully before incorporating it into our design style. It’s definitely a great idea to stay on top of the latest developments in website design. But we don’t believe in simply splurging on flashy design tricks, just for the sake of it.

The web design style should always contribute to the main purpose of your website. This is why it is crucial to take your time to create a clear brand identity for your company. The We Manage Your Site WordPress developers are trained to create a website that will be the best representation of your company’s image.

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