Unlimited Package Scope

We strive to deliver the best level of service to our Unlimited Package customers. We can handle almost any task thrown at us (we’ve done over 1000 now) within scope. That said, we have to take care in letting you, our customer, know what the task scope is for Unlimited Packages:

Changes/Edits to Website

These can include anything from changing a few sentences to changing a whole page’s layout. Typically, these changes can be done by a developer in an hour or two.

If the required change would take more than 3 hours of development time, it would be considered a project instead and our team will convert the task into a project for you. Projects may require some extra resources, but usually as a last resort.

We can also break down large requests into individual tasks, which would still be in scope. You can then just sit back and let us take care of the work for you.

Customizing Themes/Plugins

While we usually don’t encourage customizing existing plugins or themes, we do get enough requests for this to have a process for it. We will take whatever steps necessary to avoid things breaking when an update occurs, such as using child themes and creating Add-Ons to popular plugins. Have a look at some of those we’ve created here.

If the customization of the plugin or theme files don’t take more than 2 hours of development time, we’ll throw that in for you. If not, we’ll convert the task into a Project for you and notify you before continuing, notifying you if any more resources are required.

New Pages and Structure Changes

We can crank out pages quickly, we’ve built over 200 websites after all. Usually, adding new pages is straightforward, thanks to WordPress.

We don’t put a limit on the amount of new pages you’d like to add and you’re welcome to lump pages together into a single task, however if the pages collectively take more than 3 hours to complete, we will split your task into several tasks for you to accommodate for this. This will only affect the amount of time required to complete the task.

If you need a lot of pages done really fast, see our section below on rush fees.

Graphic Design

Our designers love nothing more than creating awesome things such as infographics, banners, logos and a myriad of other designs for our clients. See some of our work here, all of these done within scope, without having to convert to project.

In the rare event that a single design should require more than 4 hours, we would have to convert the task into a project for you. We’ll notify you of course and you can approve any additional resources required.

If your design task has several elements, we can also split each element into an individual task to allow it to stay in scope.

Concurrent Tasks

We have handled over 1000 tasks in 6 months. We handle dozens of new tasks every day. And we love it. Sometimes clients will want to store all the tasks they can think of that need done on their website. And that’s perfectly fine.

But we are a small team and can only handle a certain amount of tasks at any given time. In most cases, this is not a problem, as most of tasks have been submitted as they come in at the clients side. That said, to manage our workload, we limit a customers concurrent tasks based on their package size. For Maintenance package clients, 2 concurrent tasks are allowed and for eCommerce Support Clients, 3 tasks can be concurrent.

You can still add as many tasks as you want, but only the earliest submitted tasks will be active. If you want to prioritize certain tasks over others, you can simply ‘Pause’ tasks that you want us to wait on mark the highest priority tasks as active.

Rush Fees

On the rare occasion that you need something done faster than our current team has estimated it would take, we can call on one of our trusted partners to allocate an additional developer or a designer to help you get it done faster.

We only work with well vetted, trusted and long running partners. All your billing will still be handled by us and everything is still done in our system. You’ll merely pay the rush fee on the task and we’ll make sure it gets done. A new developer or designer may be assigned to your task to communicate with you.

Rush fees can be requested on task submission.

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