When you create a website as a virtual ambassador for your company, one of the biggest challenges, is to get loyal followers for your brand. It’s no use to keep your blog up to date, but to not convert your readers into concrete leads. A good email subscription plugin can help with this.

You need to decide what you want to do with the emails you capture. You can create a newsletter from your blog posts, or you could gather client information to promote upcoming sales or inform your clients of specials on your products/services.

Best Email Subscription Plugin Options

1. OptinMonster

This is one of the most popular email subscription plugins. It can also be used by non-WordPress users. The plugin offers a wide variety of subscription boxes to capture the reader emails. It has an average conversion rate of 4.09%

OptinMonster has an easy to use interface and great support if you do get stuck. Use their ready-made popup subscription boxes and personalize it to fit your website.

2. Leadpages

This email subscription plugin helps you to create eye-catching email subscription pages, landing pages as well as Thank You Pages. You can easily integrate these pages in your WordPress blog. A great solution to quickly grow your business email list. The plugin can also be used on other platforms.

Good value for your money at only $17 per month, which is payable every two years. This subscription fee gives you access to unlimited squeeze pages. Can increase email subscriptions by up to 34%. Use the easy to follow instructional videos and manuals to make sure you use all the plugin benefits.

3. HelloBar

A free email subscription plugin that creates a small header bar in your blog, just above the blog logo. Not as intrusive as a pop-up window, but still eye-catching. Grow affiliate sales or redirect users to other landing pages. Use a catchy phrase to prompt people to sign up to your emailer list.

4. ConvertPlug

A handy all-in-one popup email subscription plugin to grow your email list faster. Create alluring pop-ups in minutes to convert visitors into subscribers. It’s a dynamic lead generation tool. Choose from more than 10 different display positions, 12 different triggers and filters plus over 100 templates.

5. SumoMe

This one is a bit different than the average email subscription plugin. It has a more holistic marketing approach, with features including share buttons, a contact form, list builder, smart bar and more. After installing the plugin, you can customize each sub category.

Email Subscription Plugin

Two Bonus Email Subscription Plugins

6. Opt-in Panda

Make your content more exclusive by locking a portion of it. The user then has to first enter their email address to unlock the rest of the blog post. A risky option, but if your content is compelling enough, the user will be hooked and offer up their contact details to read the rest of the post. The plugin connects to various email services such as GetResponse and AWeber, so you can capture the subscriber details effortlessly.

7. ThriveLeads

This lead generation plugin will help to grow your email list faster. Use cutting-edge conversion tactics to create a variety of opt-in forms, maximizing potential conversions. Choose between sticky ribbons, 2-step opt-in forms, slide-ins, in-line forms, popup lightboxes, opt-in widgets and more.

5 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

1. Create a User-friendly Experience

Ensure that it’s super easy to enter an email address. For instance, add extra instructions to ensure that everyone understands what you want from them, like the words “enter your email address here” in the little subscription box.

2. Try to Get People to Forward Your Newsletter

The more people who get to read your newsletter, the more potential customers you can target. By adding interesting content that people will want to share with friends and family, you increase the reach of your newsletter. Make sure that you use the correct formatting for people to effortlessly share the newsletter via social media or email.

Email Subscription Plugin

3. Be Strategic With the Opt-In Placement

The placement of your opt-in form is crucial. Some people will become highly annoyed with pop-up windows that block the whole screen and simply close it without even reading the info. If you want to use this method, you have to add something very eye-catching to the pop-up window. A less intrusive option, is adding the form in the sidebar of your website. Also, try to repeat it on all the page, not just the homepage and contact us page.

4. Offer a Special Deal to New Subscribers

People love freebies. If they can get a special gift or discount by simply offering up their email address, they will be more likely to subscribe. Add the words “exclusive offer” to the opt-in and people will be even keener to be added to your email list.

5. Give the User Control over What They Receive

To decrease the amount of unsubscribes from your newsletter, add an option to choose the frequency the user will receive emails from you. This is especially important if you send weekly emails and have various email lists. Don’t just automatically subscribe the new user to all the mailers, let them choose which ones they want to receive when subscribing.

An Email Subscription Plugin Is Crucial

A website is not just a flat informational surface, it’s a way for you to digitally interact with you customers. And by gaining the trust of your clients, you can request their contact details. But this is a privilege you need to respect, nobody likes to be spammed.

At We Manage Your Site, we will help you select the best email subscription plugin method that suites your unique business model. It’s not a one size fits all type of scenario, by using WordPress customization tools, you can create a website that best portrays your corporate image, instead of being stuck with a set in stone template.

Our team of web developers stay up to date with the latest WordPress plugin trends and we’ll make sure you have a state-of-the-art website.

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