Today we look at combining the live chat widget called and the project management tool called Trello to save your Offline chats into a Trello board. We’ve created a simple trello plugin that will give you the ability to do just that. This makes follow ups easier to track and ensures nothing falls through the cracks!

The Tools: Trello and

Trello is one of the most popular project management apps in the world. The Kanban style board system along with it’s feature rich free edition, Trello is widely used by small businesses around the world.

Here at WMYS we use Trello extensively for everything from client support for offline messages, to managing our editorial calendar. is a relatively new live chat app that has also seen incredibly fast adoption across the small business space and now boasts over a million users. (Well done,!). As you can see if you just look to the bottom right of your screen, it’s obvious that we use Tawk for livechat. It works well and best of all it’s 100% free!

Ok, then so let’s jump right into the guide:

Goal: To save offline messages from the widget into a Trello board for follow up.

Setup Time: 5 Minutes.

Step 1: Download our Free Trello Plugin here:

Click Here to get our Free Tawk to Trello Plugin

Step 2: Install the plugin, activate it and go to the settings page:

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add new:

Click ‘Upload Plugin’ from the Plugins page:

Upload the Trello Plugin:

Remember to Activate The Plugin:

Step 3: Enter you Trello board’s Email-to-board address into the settings page:

First, go to your Trello board that you wish to receive chats in. Then go the Board settings by Click ‘Show Menu’:

Next, click the ‘More’ button:

Then, click the ‘Email to Board settings’ button. This will give you an email address that sends all submissions to this board. Copy that email address:
Hop back over to the plugin settings and paste that in the Email-to-Board Address field in the Trello Plugin settings:

Hit Save.

You can now test the Trello plugin by submitting an offline message. This will create a new card in your board with the users Name, Email and comments for you to follow up on.

Bonus Tip: Now link Trello to Slack

If you are using Slack for internal communications, consider expanding this board even further by following our Slack and Trello guide.

Other Integration: Slack

We have also built a small plugin to integrate with Slack.

That’s it! Let us know in the comments what other quick hack-togethers we should do next 😉