Why outsource WordPress site development, you can just Google it? “Just google it” this phrase has become an integral part of our modern day vocabulary. If you don’t know something, just google it. Or watch a YouTube video. Information about anything and everything is now available at our finger tips.

Is this a good or a bad thing? A debatable point either way. Some people will try and convince you that Google is an empowering tool, others will tell you it’s dumbing us down. One thing it has done that can be quite dangerous, is make us believe we can become experts in any field. Just read a few articles from a Google search or get a few pointers from a YouTube video and you’re set to go.

Can You Really Become An Expert By Just Googling?

You might be sceptical about the notion that you could become a heart surgeon after just watching a few YouTube clips. But you will most likely argue that it’s possible for digital careers, such as programming or photography. How difficult can it be, right?

To become a professional computer programmer, you can do an online course, which could be as short as six months. Or a college degree will take you between three to four years. Again, you might be thinking, “but how difficult can it be?”

Ask anyone who has tried to build their own website from scratch using WordPress, and you will get your answer. Sure, the basic setup is easy, anyone can do that. But when it comes to creating a website that looks professional and incorporates special features, you will eventually hit a brick wall with your googling WordPress skills.

Why Do You Need To Outsource WordPress Site Development

Sure, you could attempt to build your own website with the help of a few Google searches about WordPress features. But if you want to create a professional website with outstanding features, it is advisable to rather outsource WordPress site development.

You might think that you are saving money by building your own website, but in the long run it could cost you much more in other unforeseen expenses. Your website is a virtual ambassador for your company. Oftentimes it is the only “sales representative” your potential customers will interact with.

Do you really want to take the risk of figuring out WordPress programming on your own? By choosing to outsource WordPress site development, you are guaranteed that your website will look professional from the beginning.

It’s not only about the looks, but about the functionality as well. Stats show that people will click away from your website within as little as five seconds if they don’t like the look of the homepage or if the website navigation frustrates them.

Focus on what you are good at for your company to thrive and outsource WordPress site development to someone who knows what they are doing. Admitting that you need help with building a website should not be seen as a weakness. You don’t have to be Jack of all trades when you are building your company. Maybe that is one of the biggest problems with the power of Google, we start to believe that we should be able to do anything.

Can You Trust Someone Enough to Outsource WordPress Site Development

Building a website that accurately portrays your corporate identity is a very personal endeavour. You don’t want to entrust the job to just anyone. You need to find someone reliable with a good reputation that won’t let you down.

When you are considering someone to outsource WordPress site development to, firstly do a bit of research.

  • Check reviews and see what their existing customers are saying about their services. You could even consider contacting one of the customers to get an even better idea of their work ethics.
  • Compare prices of a few companies to make sure you are not overpaying for any WordPress related services.
  • Make sure that the company has a sufficient support structure. Creating an effective WordPress website is not just about the initial setup, it’s also about future maintenance. Ideally you want a company that will allocate a web developer to your website project so that you can build up a relationship. You need someone dedicated to your website to ensure that your corporate image is not jeopardized.
  • Look for a company that can provide a holistic approach to your website. When you outsource WordPress site development, you want a company that looks at the bigger picture of what you want to achieve with your website, keeping things such as marketing and search engine optimisation in mind.

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How to Outsource WordPress Site Development Effectively

#1 Share Your Vision and Mission

Before your web developer can start designing, you need to know what you want from your website. Do you want to purely use it to convey information? Do you want to create an online store? Or do you want more interaction with your customers through a blog or forum?

This step is crucial to ensure that the web developer assigned to your project moves in the right direction with the initial design of your website. For instance, is your corporate image fresh and funky, or more traditional?

#2 Write an Elaborate Job Description

This step goes hand in hand with clearly expressing your vision and mission. Rather be more detailed with the description of what you want to achieve with your website, than assuming the web developer will know best.

When you outsource WordPress site development, you’re not just passing the buck to someone else to figure out your web campaign – you still need to be actively involved in the project. Especially in the initial stages. After the website has been established, you can leave the maintenance tasks in the capable hands of the web developer.

For the job description, keep functionality and usability in mind. You need to discuss check points with the web developer, goals that you can check to make sure the project is still heading in the right direction. Also make sure your web developer is aware of your budget.

Discuss a reasonable deadline for the project. To stay on track, the planning phase is most important. You could even try to find examples of website designs you like, to give the web developer a better idea of what you have in mind.

#3 Communicate Effectively

When it comes to outsourcing work, one of the biggest challenges is clear communication. You can try to be as elaborate as possible with your job description, but there will probably still be a few questions from your web developer. The sooner you can answer the queries, the sooner your web project can start to take shape.

You’ve got a clear picture in your head of where you want to take your company, but sometimes it’s difficult to get other people on the same page. Don’t be offended if the web developer makes a few suggestions about your website project. You’ve got to trust that the company you’ve select to outsource WordPress site development to has your best interest in mind. Their suggestions should improve the website project.

If you feel that the web developer is really just not getting you and your company, consider asking for another developer or switch companies all together. Don’t feel the need to be overly polite if you become frustrated with the communication style of your allocated web developer. Rather speak up sooner than later. You can raise your concerns without making it a personal attack on the person.

#4 Take Small Steps

The beauty of a good WordPress website, is that it is flexible. You don’t have to do it all at once.  Rather create chunks of tasks to work through. Read our post What Pages Should a Website Have? as a starting point for your website. The most basic purpose of a website, is for people to learn more about your company.

Maybe your website design budget is tight, or you want to get a basic website up and running as soon as possible. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with thinking about the big picture of what you want to achieve with your website in the long run. Start small and systematically build it to fulfil your vision.

#5 Remember That It Is an Ongoing Project

For you to successfully outsource WordPress site development, you need to make a long-term commitment to the web development company. It’s not just about the creation of a successful website, it is about the upkeep as well.

The Google search algorithm is a complex structure. One of the basic criteria, is that websites need to remain dynamic. This means you can’t just dump information into website pages and never touch them again.

If you’ve found a good web development company, they will be informed about all the latest search engine optimization trends of the Google search algorithm. You can opt for just creating a basic website to inform people about your company, or you can turn your website into a more profitable sales tool.

outsource WordPress site development

Conclusion: You Should Outsource WordPress Site Development

At We Manage Your Site you will find web developers dedicated to creating an effective website for your company. Our experienced web developers will create the website your company deserves.

Let us worry about all the technical details of effective WordPress designing, while you continue building your company. Creating an excellent company website shouldn’t be stressful, if you partner with the right team, you can outsource WordPress site development with peace of mind.

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