5 Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate  

You want to aim at the lowest bounce rate possible. Google Analytics measure it in a percentage value, determining how quickly users click away from your website. They also rate how many users land on your website and only view one page without browsing further.

#1 Improve the Readability of Your Content

There’s a great WordPress plugin to check the readability score of your content, called Yoast. According to them, web users don’t read, they simply scan through content. A few basic pointers to improve readability include short sentences, subheadings and using connecting words.

They’ve created a thorough system to scan your content and give it a rating, using scientific research such as the Flesch Reading Ease score. The beauty of the plugin, is that you don’t have to wonder whether you are successful or not, you can simply work through the plugin’s analysis. Read this article for a more in-depth analysis of readability.

#2 Create a Gripping Call-to-Action

You basically have only a few seconds to grab the attention of a user that has landed on your website. If you can create a clear call-to-action that can grab the attention of a potential customer within 3 seconds or less, your chances of success skyrockets.

You can pull in users with strong headlines and catchy content, but without a clear call-to-action you can still lose a user’s interest. Don’t let them wonder about the next step to contact you or to buy your product/service. Read this article to view examples of appealing call-to-actions.

#3 Work On Your Brand Storytelling

Storytelling is a form of communication. When you meet someone, you tell them about who you are. You can use this same concept to introduce people to your company. Break away from boring mission statements and create a brand narrative.

People constantly face an information overload, you need to find a unique angle to grab their attention. And presenting your product or service benefits in a story format, can effectively create a more effective connection with your potential customers. Read this article to discover the power of storytelling.

#4 Write Relevant Meta Descriptions  

A meta description is the little blurb of information that appears on the search results page just below the headline. Some users will simply read the headlines and click through to a website that catches their attention. But the more savvy users will first read the little bit of information describing the search result.

People don’t like wasting their time on useless search results. You can use this snippet of information to draw in the right type of potential customers that fall into your target audience criteria. This way no one’s time is wasted. The users are not frustrated by landing on a website not fulfilling their needs. And you don’t have to deal with customers that you can’t help. Read this article to learn how to create effective meta descriptions.

#5 Optimize Your Website’s Page Loading Time

This one is a more technical behind-the-scenes aspect of your website. People don’t like waiting for information to appear on their screens. You literally have less than three seconds to grab the attention of a potential customer. If your website takes too long to load, a user will simply click on the back button and return to the search results page.

Luckily there are a few tricks that you can employ to deal with this issue, simple little things such as shrinking the size of images. This aspect is even more crucial when it comes to the mobile display of your website. Read this article for ways to optimize your loading time.

Five Examples of Beautifully Designed WordPress Websites

The scope of WordPress, is almost endless. And some websites manage to use this power to their advantage to create beautiful plus functional websites.

Images courtesy of elegantthemes.com

#1. Dalene Ekirapa

WordPress theme

This stylish lady has created a blog dedicated to chic style that inspires. She covers a variety of fashion elements, from wardrobe inspiration to Q&A’s with influential players in the fashion industry. She is a fashion mentor that is associated with the Equity Group Foundation.

The website was built with a custom WordPress theme, tweaked to best fit the needs of the company. Its simplistic design draws attention to the content. Striking images tell their own story apart from the written content, but the two elements complement each other perfectly. 

#2 Mercedes Benz

WordPress theme

It is one of the world’s biggest car manufacturing brands. Founded in 1926 the brand has stood the test of time and rolled with the punches of evolving technology, not only to manufacture better cars, but also staying up to date with marketing methods. This is why it makes sense that they chose WordPress to create a website that can reach an international audience effectively.

A custom WordPress theme was used to create a unique website to accommodate their brand identity. Mercedes Benz broke away from the typical white background, using black to create a more sophisticated feel to complement the formidable brand. Bold images draw the users in to click and learn more about the stylish car.

#3 Outward Bound Croatia

WordPress theme

This non-profit organization uses a unique approach to education. They use outdoor adventure activities to put a unique spin on learning. Their courses teach skills in an effective but entertaining way. The company was founded in 2005 by a group of people passionate about education and the outdoors.

The website uses the Integrity WordPress theme. Images and text perfectly balance each other. At the bottom of the home page a row of counters with fun stats catches the eye below a bold headline. This is a very creative way to convey stats in a more interactive format.

#4 Happy in My Skin

WordPress theme

This wellness therapy website lists various wellbeing practice classes offered by owner Faiy Rushton. She has captured years of experience into courses to teach people about the benefits of wellbeing techniques and how to incorporate them into everyday life.

The website uses the Renew WordPress theme. From the moment you land on the homepage, a sense of serenity meets you, with simplistic design and striking backgrounds. The design is uncluttered, highlighting only essential pieces of information to guide you through the rest of the content on the site.

#5 James Brandon Photography

WordPress theme

James Brandon has been in the photography industry since 2009. His areas of expertise are landscapes, outdoor and travel, as well as post-processing. Not only does he aspire to take great photos, he also enjoys showing aspirant photographers how to do the same.

His website uses the Ethos WordPress theme. The homepage uses small images and short descriptions to draw users into the rest of the site. It’s not always about using big images to wow people. The website has the perfect balance between striking images and informative content.

We Manage Your Website Loves Customizing A WordPress Theme

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