WordPress is hands down one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the World Wide Web. With its simplistic user-friendly interface, it’s easy to understand why. From preset themes to complete customization – the sky is the limit to what can be done with WordPress!

Below are five website that harnessed the power of system perfectly, but before that, a few strategy points to have in place to make sure your website stands out from the crowd.

5 Ways to Make Your Website More Successful

#1 Develop a Solid Brand Strategy

Before you design your website, it’s crucial to carefully think about how you want your website to portray your corporate identity and media strategy. Your website needs to fit into the look of your business stationery. If you don’t do this, your website can end up being more harmful than helpful. Think of your website as a brand ambassador, instead of just a flat informational platform.

#2 Do You Want to Offer Free, Premium, or Freemium Content?

This aspect will depend on the type of product or service you offer. In some cases a website is purely a way to direct potential customers to your real-world business, by providing more info about your company. But your website could be a great source of passive income if you think a little bit outside the box about your product or service. For instance, a freemium offer can be used as a great hook to transform a browsing customer into a loyal customer. Click here to read more about the three types of content.

#3 Up Your SEO Game

Effective search engine optimization (SEO) is something that you have invest a lot of effort in. You have to aim at being on the first page of search results. People rarely click past the first page on search engines. Rather employ a professional content producer to help you with this, than trying to figure it out on your own. One of the easiest way to constantly generate SEO buzz on the search engines, is a blog. Click here to find out why you should create a blog.

#4 Show Advertisers What You’ve Got To Offer

This is an easy way to generate more income from your website. But it can be a big challenge to convince potential advertisers to pick your website over your competitors. Create a list of benefits that you can offer to advertisers. You also need to make sure that your website’s design is eye catching. Advertisers don’t want to be associated with low quality websites. Click here to find out how do you get advertisers to advertise on your website.

#5 Measure Your Traffic

You need to start seeing your website as an active and growing component of your business. Step one is to create a spectacular website. Step two is using web analytics tools to observe how web users are interacting with your website. You can monitor browsing patterns to determine the most effective content you’ve produced. Give people more of what they want and tweak the areas that’s being ignored. Click here to pick the best web analytics tools.

Five Examples of Beautifully Designed WordPress Websites

Without further ado, these are our current pick of websites that used WordPress to create stunning and creative websites. Images courtesy of creativebloq.com.

#1 Iron to Iron

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These guys practice what they preach, using WordPress to create awesome websites for their clients. For their own website they used the for added functionality and content control. Kevin Richardson (designer) and Jonathan Christopher (developer) created this dynamic company. The website perfectly captures their brand identity and work philosophy. Jonathan is part of the development team for the Pods CMS plug-in.

#2 Yoke

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Co-founders Jay Bigford and Alister Wynn created the website together for their Bristol-based studio. They believe in keeping the website fresh at all times, adding blog posts with expertise-based content linking to their business. The website is a potent marketing tool for their unique business. Because of their fondness of regularly adding new posts, they chose to build their website with WordPress. The handy element of templates makes it even easier to add uniform posts.

#3 Guy Gungell

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This stunning site for the talented music producer/songwriter was built by Flint & Tinder. Their CMS options included Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. WordPress won because of its ease of use. It’s a great option to use a professional WordPress developer to set up your website and thereafter adding your own blogs posts with a post template.

#4 Girl With a Camera

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Ashley Baxter started her photo blog on Tumblr but was soon frustrated by its limited abilities. Her blog showcases her life and commissioned work via eye-catching photos. Matt Brett helped her to transfer her content to the more flexible WordPress platform. She loves how customizable the templates are. She can now change the post layout and background color to best display the photos added.

#5 Design the Planet

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This New Orleans marketing agency describe themselves as “planetary engineers”. They are passionate about thinking outside the box when it comes to brand strategies. They recommend WordPress to all their clients. It’s such a straightforward system to use, they can easily help their clients create a striking website and thereafter manage it on their own. There’s no challenging learning curve to deal with. Another great feature of WordPress is the universality of it.

We Manage Your Site Provides You with Brand Strategy Input

Our WordPress developers won’t simply create a basic website for you, we will create a website for you that best represents your company’s identity. Plus, we will make sure that you stand out from the crowd. The good thing about the internet, is that information is so easily available. The bad thing is that it is challenge to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

You can try to create a website on your own, simply picking a WordPress theme and dropping information into the template. But you will create a website similar to thousands of other website out there. With the help of our WordPress developers, you can harness the full power of this amazing content management system.

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