Conquer the internet with a Google AdWords campaign. If you don’t know something, you Google it. Out of all the search engines available on the internet, Google is the only one that has managed to become such a big household name. Gen Z can’t remember a time before Google and nowadays even grannies are using it instead of grabbing the encyclopedia.

As a company you can’t afford not to have a strong online presence. But the challenge is, how do you stand out in the ocean of information? People rarely click through to the second search results page. In fact, they will most likely click on one of the top five pages that appear from a search.

Do Google Ads Really Work?

One way of beating your competitors, is to activate a Google AdWords campaign. Most ads work on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, meaning you only pay when someone actively clicks through to your website. By using this Google service, you ensure that your website appears on the first page of search results. Depending on what kind of campaign you activate, you can even land right at the top.

Google AdWords are used by a variety of companies – from big enterprises to start-ups, and everything in between. You might feel skeptical about activating a Google AdWords campaign, but if you want to harness the power of Google, it’s definitely worth it to consider the service. Here’s a few reasons to convince you.

You Get Quick Results

Once you’ve activated the Google AdWords campaign, it will be live within a few minutes. You could start seeing results on the same day! Waiting for organic traffic to reach your website from other marketing methods, such as SEO enhanced content, could take months.

The Advertising Reach is Close To Unlimited

If you combine good SEO enhanced content with a strategic Google AdWords campaign, the sky is the limit! You can zoom in on exactly the type of potential customer you want to reach on the internet. Instead of your advertising campaign being a shot in the dark, hoping for the best, you can now plan your advertising budget and reach people effectively.

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Track the Results

Google Analytics is basically the brains behind the scenes. The Google search results might seem randomly generated, but there is a complex system behind the selections. After your first Google AdWords campaign, you can view the results and from there tweak each new campaign thereafter to ensure that your budget is generating the best leads.

You Can Cancel Any Time You Want

With a Google AdWords campaign, you are in control. When you notice that there are no viable results from a certain campaign, you can instantly cancel it. Or you can pause it if you want to move your budget to another advertising method.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

Everyone wants a piece of the online action. But with a well-planned Google AdWords campaign, you can ensure that potential customers find you before they click on your competitor’s website. If you are willing to push in a bit more money into your campaign, you can inch ahead.

Google AdWords Campaign

Step by Step Setup of a Google AdWords Campaign

Visit to get started. You can have a campaign set up and ready to go within less than an hour. Click on the “start now” button.

#1 Select a campaign type and specify a name

There are a few different options, one of the most popular ones is the “Search Network only”. Create a unique name for the campaign so you can track the progress later. To start off, remove the tick “include search partners”. You can use this option later if needed.

#2 Specify the geographical location where you want the ads to show

This is one of the best features of a Google AdWords campaign, you can target an exact group of people who will benefit from your product or service. The options include countries, regions, states or provinces and cities. Or select a custom-designated geographical area. A handy feature, you can specify the miles or kilometers around an address. Use the “let me choose” option to specify the area you want to target.

#3 Select the “bid strategy” and pick a daily budget

Another great aspect of a Google AdWords campaign, is that you can determine how much you want to spend. Use the “I’ll manually set my bids for clicks” option for more control over your campaign. Otherwise, you can stick to one of the automatic options if you prefer.

The daily budget is the maximum amount that Google will charge you per day. This is linked to the amount of clicks per campaign. To begin with, rather set a low budget until you have a better feel for how the system works. Payment can be set to either manual or automatic. The manual option means you pay before your ads are shown. The automatic option is calculated after your ads are shown. In some instances businesses qualify for a Google credit line, with a monthly invoicing option.

#4 First skip the “Ad Extensions” section

For the first time setup of your Google AdWords campaign, rather come back to this step once you’ve completed the process. Click “save and continue”

#5 Create an ad group and write the first ad

Try to add your keyword or keyword phrase in the headline. Research shows that more people will click on a link if the headline includes the words they typed into the search. You are limited to 25 characters, so choose your words carefully.

The next two lines allow 35 characters each. The second and third lines are your meta description, the little blurb that will convince people to click on the link. Try to firstly describe a benefit of your product or service and next mention a great feature or add an offer.

When you are setting up the ad the sequence will be as follows:

  • Headline
  • 2nd line (benefit)
  • 3rd line (offer)
  • 4th line (website URL)

But when the actual ad displays on the search results page, the URL will appear directly below the headline. Carefully type the URL, ensuring that it displays exactly the same as on your website.

#6 Insert the selected keywords

It’s best to start with just one set of keywords. Use plus + signs, brackets [ ] and quotes “ “, to determine how many searches from each type you will get. Starting out, rather only select the main keywords most applicable to your company. You can flesh out the list once you start reviewing the analytics from your first Google AdWords campaign.

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#7 Set the pay-per-click

You can define the maximum amount you want to spend on your pay-per-click, called the “default bid”. Keep in mind that each of the major keywords you specified will need a bid price of their own. You will be able to set up individual bid prices for each keyword later. The more popular a keyword or keyword phrase, the higher the bid price will be. Try to rather select a bigger amount of low-cost keywords to increase your reach.

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#8 Review

Read through your ad copy again and decide whether it’s the best match for the keywords you selected. Check the pay-per-click budget you set up. Double-check the daily budget you set up, making sure you calculate how much it will cost you per month.

#9 Add your billing information

Once you are satisfied with the information and ad details, continue to the payment details page. Now all you have to do, is wait for the Google AdWords campaign to make money for you.

Note: Don’t neglect your blog

While using PPC is very helpful in the short term, your long term strategy should still be growing your organic search traffic. Block out time on your calendar every week to write a blog post, and keep it consistent. If you don’t have the time to write your own content consider using services such as Outreach Wizard to create highly optimized content for your blog.

We Manage Your Site Can Help With Google AdWords Campaign Setup

Figuring out which keywords will perform the best can be tricky. Our WordPress developers are experienced in navigating the intricate behind the scenes world of Google. Once we’ve set up your website and made sure that every page has been optimized to be search engine friendly, we can help you manage your monthly Google AdWords campaign.

The online world can seem like a daunting place, but we love the challenge of staying on top of the latest Google Analytics trend changes. We’ve got the experience to help you reach your target audience without costing you an arm and a leg.

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