Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Offer Monthly Plans?

Here at WMYS, the health and wellbeing of your website is our primary concern. We are ALWAYS working on your site, either maintaining it, or working on new tasks that our clients give us. We’re always optimizing, securing and ensuring your website is the best it can be at any given time. Want a bunch of new pages for a campaign you’re doing? No problem! Struggling with that theme setup? We’ve got you. Plugin crashed your whole site again? We would actually know about that before you. We Manage Your Site;)

What do we cover in the Unlimited Packages?
Unlimited website edits, changes or updates to content, layout or design changes on the page itself. There is no limit to how many changes you can request. We also assist if you’re stuck with Theme or Plugin issues, as well as if you’re site is broken.
What if I need Custom Development?
If your request falls outside of regular design changes and edits and requires custom development, we can still help you! There might just be a hourly fee for custom development. Hours are sold in bundles right from your Dashboard. Our hourly rates are well below industry average and every minute is tracked and reported on to ensure efficiency.
What if I'm not happy and want to cancel?
There are no minimum monthly commitments. If you’re not happy with our service you can cancel at any time, no notice periods, no minimum amount of months you need to sign up for. It’s that simple.
Can I schedule calls with designers and developers to discuss my ideas?

Absolutely, we encourage our customers to engage our team as frequently as possible. We give each of our customers the ability to schedule calls through the Dashboard.

Can I do Large Scale Projects
Yes! We can assist you with any of your projects and at any stage, whether it’s only a concept or if it’s half-finished and you need someone to wrap it up. We can help. Talk To Us!

Do you have more questions? Feel free to Talk to Us on the contact page, or if you’d like, schedule a short Conference Call to discuss your needs.

We have a solution for your business!

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