Why Pay Monthly?

There are many Development outsourcing options available. The difference between most of other outsourcing options and WMYS, is we are ALWAYS working on your site, either maintaining it, or working on new projects that you allocate your monthly resources to.

What's the Difference between Standard Support Items and Custom Items?

Each of our monthly packages come with certain Standard Items, such as plugin updates, security, backups etc, as well as a set number of hours we can spend on new projects. Standard items are those listed on the Pricing and Sign Page with each package. We do these items without deducting from your Custom Hours, so you’ll have peace of mind that your site is being maintained, whilst we are also working on your new features or additions. Custom Items are requests that you specifically make through our Dashboard.

How will I know how the hours are spent?

You can easily see who spent how much time on which task or project through our Dashboard, down to the minute.

What if I'm not happy and want to cancel?

There are no minimum monthly commitments. If you’re not happy with our service you can cancel at any time, no notice periods, no minimum amount of months you need to sign up for. It’s that simple.

Can I schedule calls with designers and developers to discuss my ideas?

Absolutely, we encourage our customers to engage our team as frequently as possible. We give each of our customers the ability to schedule calls through the Dashboard.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to Talk to Us on the contact page, or if you’d like, schedule a short Conference Call to discuss your needs. We have a solution for you!