About WMYS

“Help Business Owners Worry Less About WordPress”


This was our driving motivation when we set out to make a difference in the website maintenance services industry in 2017.

Back then, focusing on our core competencies — excellent website development and design + impactful customer service — is what has allowed us to grow as a team and company with 100+ websites serviced to date. 

Our Values

We believe that by sticking to these values, we can be a long term partner to our clients.

We don’t believe in taking shortcuts. That’s why we follow WordPress and web best practices to ensure long term quality.

We encourage our customers to talk to us, to get to know their account managers. This goes beyond emails and chats. We have frequent Zoom or Skype sessions with our clients, many of whom we now call friends. We want to partner with you.

Play Fair - US Tax Policy

Unlike most other offshore or outsourced web services, we have incorporated our company in the USA. This means that we pay state and federal taxes in the US. This is fair since the vast majority of our customers are in the US, so our success should be beneficial to our most important market.

Meet Our Team of WordPress Experts:

Iwan Pieterse

Iwan Pieterse

Web Team Leader

Iwan handles marketing, sales and the overall direction of the team.
Eugene Kruger

Eugene Kruger

Design Team Leader

Eugene is our head of design at WMYS and brings his 15+ years of design experience to each new challenge.

Louis Wolmarans

Louis Wolmarans

Full Stack Developer

Louis is one of our developers who handles technical and other advanced requests.
Jeane Van Heerden

Jeane Van Heerden

Graphic Designer

Jeane is an amazingly talented young designer with a talent for defining brand identity.
Diaan Kruger

Diaan Kruger

Web Designer

Diaan is a fantastic web designer with a keen eye for layout and has a knack for cranking out landing pages FAST.
Kelly Hardouin

Kelly Hardouin

Video Editor

Kelly is an excellent video editor who also recommends what strategies her clients can employ on Youtube and other areas.

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